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Graphite Alfresco Patio Heater

Graphite Alfresco Patio Heater

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Experience luxury outdoor living all year round with our exquisite Alfresco Patio Heater in graphite. Indulge in the warmth and comfort provided by the 2KW Infrared power output, perfectly calibrated to provide you with an economical heating solution without compromising on performance. And say goodbye to pesky glares that distract from your tranquil ambiance, as our patio heater boasts a low glare feature for a seamless experience.

Exclusively designed by Darcon for StopBreeze this professional grade heater has a tilt-adjustable design, allowing you to customize and direct heat exactly where it's needed most. With its wide-angle heat output functionality, when fitted at a height of 3 meters, effortlessly heats up to an impressive 20 square meters area - ensuring no corner goes unwarmed.

We stand by our quality & that is why we have Included a 1 year warranty from the date of delivery. 

Product Specs

- Fischer Infrared heating element
- Economical running costs: £0.68p per/h
- Heavy Duty outdoor cables
- Power: 2000W
- Voltage: 230V
- Dimensions: 55cm x 14cm
- Weight: 2.3 kg

Product Features

- Splashproof Construction
- Vertical or Horizontal Mounting
- Heavy Duty Cables & Mount Bracket
- Replaceable Fischer heating elements

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