Guarantee Policy

The guarantee for our product includes the replacement of parts for faults caused by material failures and manufacturing defects.

We offer a three-year guarantee on the materials for our glazed products.
If permanent or semi-permanent fixing installation services from StopBreeze® have been utilised, installation is covered under a two-year guarantee.

StopBreeze® is committed to ensuring its products’ usability for years to come. For all StopBreeze® products we guarantee full spare part availability for 10 years from the original purchase date.

Transferable Limited Guarantee


Guarantee Period

The guarantee period begins upon the date of delivery or StopBreeze® installation date.
If StopBreeze® installation services are used & the buyer was not present during installation, and has not expressed concerns within seven (7) days from the installation date, guarantee period will begin at the installation date.

Guarantee Restrictions

The guarantee does not cover:

  • Breakage caused by incorrect usage or malicious damage
  • Adjustment, repair and replacement of spare parts due to normal wear and tear, negligent use by customer or the resident, or non-compliance with the instructions.
  • Damage due to shifting of supporting structures, abrupt unexpected events, or natural catastrophes affecting the product
  • Alterations, repair or retrofitting not approved by the manufacturer or the vendor
  • Patterning that may occur in or on the surface of tempered glass
  • Permanent or semi-permanent fixing installations from non approved StopBreeze® installers
  • Application of solar or tint films to glass

Liability is limited to product replacement.