The Buying Guide

Are you considering StopBreeze retractable panels to create your year round outdoor oasis? This guide provides essential information before placing your order. Learn about measurements, leveling, and how to prevent the Wind Tunnel effect. Make an informed decision and turn your vision into reality.

UV blue tinted freestanding glass panel on a patio in front of a dining set

Prepare The Ground

Our freestanding baseplates are engineered to stay put on slight gradients and irregular ground. They can be applied to a variety of surfaces from grass and patios, to decks.

For permanent installation, the groundwork must be prepped adequately enough to bear the weight of the screens and accept the fixings provided; for this, we recommend consulting a professional.

Unsure of your specific needs? Our team offer surveying support up to 150 miles from Stowmarket.

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Freestanding or Easy Installation

All of our screens come delivered ready to use with matching base plates for safety & security in all weather conditions. However, It's important to measure your area to allow space for the foot plates allowing approcimately 80cm facing into your living space.

If you have decided to go for a fixed positioning option you need to allow a margin of 80mm between the patio edging & the placement of the screens to allow for bolting to the ground.

How to avoid the 'Wind Tunnel effect'

StopBreeze screens are capable of blocking strong winds of up to 50mph when extended. And will safely stop 80mph winds when locked in their retracted position. Effectively delivering you a blissful micro-climate all year round.

Due to their versatility you can reconfigure the screens into a multitude of formations, from U or L shape, square or rectangular.

Most customers opt for a straight line formation, usually lining a patio or decking. This is a great way of creating areas with purpose. However if opting for this formation we need to be aware that it is essential to have a small return on the end of the run. This prevents the breeze wrapping around the end posts & returning to the sheltered area. Adding in a 1m end panel will prevent this & ensure maximal shelter.